1 Week Until Halloween!

Every year I think about making my own costume. And since Lilah-Rae was born, I think about making something cute for her, too. But thinking is about as far as I get. I never actually get around to doing it! This year we found her an adorable skeleton onesie from Old Navy that is easy and comfortable and was very affordable. But in case you are DIY-inspired, here are some really cute ideas I’ve come across:

Craftsy now offers a few online Workshops, including The Costume Box taught by Anne Weil (creator of flaxandtwine.com) which is all about creating imaginative costumes for Halloween as well as everyday fun.

A felted witch hat! I might actually make this one for next year. There are some great pictures of different variations on Ravelry and the pattern is available for $6 by Anne Carroll Gilmour.

And lastly, my favorite Halloween treat, these owl cupcakes from One Charming Party.




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Arts Intertwined LLC is a small limited liability corporation selling handmade items as well as offering workshops in various areas of the arts.
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